As far as I can remember, my passion in life has always been to become an artist! From very young age I used to draw and paint to express myself. However from the very beginning I knew that I needed a bigger medium to share my visions. My father always said to me; “Believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear.” Because of that I knew, instead of telling my stories, I wanted to show my stories through the magic of film making.

I grew up in a small town in Southern Illinois called Quincy with my godparents. I was away for many years from my blood parents. I never forget when I, 15, called my mother overseas to get permission to study Arts and Entertainment. Before long she was crying from one end of the phone telling me NO, NO WAY! And I was crying from my end asking why not? The only acceptable choice by my parents was health related studies with art as a hobby.

Over the years, out of respect for them, I became a doctor but never could let go of my dream. With all my health related studies and degrees, I also studied and got involved with the art of film making. I have now completed three feature screenplays; Sleep Traveler, Haunted for Love and Lived Angel. Although I have four more scripts registered and outlined to start, I hope to find the right production team that will start bringing my visions to life.

In conclusion my life’s passion for the art of film making has been locked out of my reach by the harsh reality of non penetrable safe box of Hollywood. However my devotion and dedication will hopefully become the key to open up the treasure within, and undoubtedly fulfill my dream to experience the pleasure and thrill of making movies.