Author: Marcus Hame
Genre: Drama/Romance/Supernatural Thriller
Time Period: Present-day


    In this modern supernatural fairy tale, beautiful but troubled Rose is trapped in a drug-addicted , self-destructive spiral when mysterious benevolent spiritual beings convoluted her consciousness as she strives to clear her path of self-realization and give herself a chance to find love and happiness.

   Dr. Jones always knew that true love can never be fully understood until you have a child, but when terminal illness and parental concerns propel him beyond the boundaries of the life he once knew; he discovers an even more profound love when not even death do them part.


   Beautiful but troubled ROSE, on a bridge, is about to commit suicide when kindhearted DR. JONES appears at the last second to talk her down. The two unlikely friends share their stories through intricately layered flashbacks of their pasts.

   Rose meets rock star JASON JUICE and is swept up into his super star life style and becomes addicted to drugs. From the first moment of meeting Jason, she is haunted by ghostly visions of ROSELYN.

   Dr Jones, broken hearted at a young age, has always protected his son, SASHA, from women like HOPE who has been trying to scam Sasha for money. Due to his terminal cancer diagnosis, Dr Jones is worried to leave Sasha alone and for the first time he finds a woman, Rose, to be the one for his son.

   As both their stories unfold, Rose unearths a series of shocking revelations that will eventually lead to her self-realization and termination of her destructive behavior.

   Dr Jones propels beyond the boundaries of the life he once knew to help his child and eventually be reunited with his long lost love.

   Rose and Sasha look toward a brighter future as they realize that they have been watched over and brought together by their beloved “Nightingales of love”.